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Drinking Juice with Tara Mackey, Best-Selling Author and Founder of The Organic Life

When I first came across Tara Mackey, I knew pretty quickly that there was a reason that our paths had crossed.

Tara is just as obsessed with organic as I am and even named her blog The Organic Life.

Additionally, we both freed ourselves from a decade of prescription medicine, opting for a much more holistic approach.

In her best-selling book, Cured by Nature: How to Heal from the Inside Out, Find Happiness, and Discover Your True Self, Tara Mackey gives us an incredibly intimate and honest look at how she healed herself from a cocktail of drugs unlike anything that I have seen before.

After breaking up with an abusive boyfriend in her 20s, Tara made the brave decision to go completely medication-free. At the time, her routine consisted of Lamictal (epileptic seizures) in the morning, Xanax and Valium (anxiety) as needed throughout the day, a fentanyl patch for her pain, four Celebrex or eight Flexeril for muscle spasms, whatever she felt like for migraines and Seroquel (bipolar) before bed.

Having gone cold-turkey on everything, she cured herself through nothing but natural means.

I recently caught up with Tara Mackey, and she shared with me her healthy lifestyle habits.

EAT: I always start my day with an organic veggie + fruit smoothie that I make myself in my blender. I add in many different herbs and tinctures, including Sun Potion’s Ashitaba for blood building, Moon Juice’s raw vanilla for taste and Gaia Herb tinctures like Valerian, Skullcap or Passionflower for mental clarity, pain and inflammation. GoodOnYa Café in Encinitas is the best place for an organic, gluten-free breakfast or lunch, and Café Gratitude in San Diego has the absolute best meals.

DRINK: I absolutely love the cold-pressed organic juice from Project Juice. I also make a lot of homemade organic teas, but I think I’m straight up addicted to GT’s Kombucha. I have one open at all times. Gingerade is my favorite!

SWEAT:  Right now, I am doing The 14-Day Fitness Plan, which I designed because it can be done at home or outdoors, my two favorite places to work out! I like to do kriya yoga on the beach, and all I need for a vigorous workout is to grab my surfboard and find the nearest choice wave.

READ: I’ve been re-reading Autobiography of a Yogi and The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, which are both amazing books that explain and encourage spiritual enlightenment. O, The Oprah Magazine, is my guilty pleasure. My fiancée got me a subscription last year, and I really look forward to it coming in the mail every month! Thoughtfully Magazine has been a great addition to my bookshelves, too! It celebrates natural, green beauty, non-toxic products and healthy food.

LISTEN: The Beatles on repeat. People wouldn’t know this (unless they stalk my Snapchat), but I’m a huge fan of jazz, rap, hip hop and r&b. My own music is really inspired by all of these genres. I’m a huge Billie Holiday fan. Chance the Rapper’s most recent album is brilliant. I like artists that have something to say. Janelle Monae forever.

WATCH: I don’t watch TV (I haven’t had cable since 2010) but I’m a big fan of documentaries. If it’s narrated by David Attenborough or about history, medicine or politics, I’ve probably seen it. Twice. I also really love live music. I frequent The Belly Up in Encinitas. There’s always a new, incredible band playing, and it’s usually dirt cheap.

PLACES: I really love Southern California and feel super lucky and grateful to live here. Venice, Italy was the best as far as personal travel. There aren’t any cars, so there’s very limited noise pollution, which was heaven.

RITUALS: My morning ritual might be my favorite: long snuggles with my pit-lab rescue Raelie, lemon water, a tea + smoothie, and meditation. Long strolls by the beach, and my skin rituals have been life-saving for me. I do a face mask a few times a week and let myself have an at-home spa day. That always puts me in a good mood because I’m caring for myself.

DREAMS: I’d love to write a lot more books, and the NYT best-seller list is a big one that I’m still working on. It was great to get #1 on Amazon, but New York is my hometown, so it would mean a lot to me to have that recognition.

WHAT MOST PEOPLE DON’T KNOW ABOUT ME: I want to go into politics. Some day. Seriously.

To learn more about this very strong and very inspirational woman, be sure to visit Tara Mackey’s website, The Organic Life, and connect with her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. And, of course, be sure to order Tara’s riveting book, Cured by Nature.




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