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Drinking Juice with Jordan Younger, The Blonde Vegan


Recently, I got to meet Jordan Younger, a 23-year old vegan blogger based in NYC, and was pretty blown away by her story.

Jordan had been dependent on ADHD medication for eight years until she switched to a vegan diet, which all started with a juice cleanse. By embracing plant-based foods, Jordan was able to quit the medication for good, and she now inspires others with her vegan recipes on The Blonde Vegan.

However, it is isn’t just in the blogosphere where Jordan has made a name for herself. She is also an Instagram star, with over 36,000 people following her deliciously beautiful vegan dishes and juices. And on December 15th, she’s set to debut her latest venture – The Blonde Vegan 5-Day Cleanse.

I caught up with Jordan recently to see how juicing fits into her creative and healthy lifestyle. Here’s what she had to share!

Why do you juice?

Juicing saved my life! I suffered from severe stomach problems and migraines, and experienced a dependency on Advil and Adderall. However, in January 2013, I went on a five-day fruit and vegetable cleanse, and everything changed.

After three days, my stomach problems were gone, my mind was clearer, and I felt lighter and more energized. The cleanse prompted me to become a plant-based vegan, and I continued to abstain from my medication.

Do you have a juicing habit that no one knows about?

I sometimes crave a beet-carrot-ginger juice so badly that I can’t do anything until I get my hands on it!

What is one of your favorite pressed organic juices?

Juice Press is my favorite NYC juice bar. Their Doctor Green juice gives me so much energy when I drink it! I also crave their Black Label smoothie all of the time.

Another juice I love is the Master Cleanse juice from Suja. The sweet taste of the maple with the kick from the cayenne is the perfect snack.

What kind of juicer do you have and how often do you make juice at home?

The-Blonde-Vegan-Smoothie-1-1I make juices in my VitaMix 500-Pro Series using a nut milk bag. To be honest, I spend more time buying juices than I do making them. The only problem with getting my own juicer is that I’ll miss the juice bars!

What advice would you give to people who are new to juicing?

Have fun with it! Try as many different combinations as you can. Do the research so you know just how healthy juicing is for your body. When you know you’re making your body healthier, it will make the experience that much more enjoyable.

The best health tip that you have ever received was…

Be consistent. Find the healthy lifestyle you enjoy, fall in love with it and stick to it. Health is not about a quick fix. It’s about what works for your body.

Thank you so much for sharing, Jordan! Be sure to check her out at The Blonde Vegan or on Facebook.

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