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Drinking Juice with Erin Schrode, Eco-Sensation and Green Celebrity


In order to protect the integrity of the organic industry, we must get young people involved in the movement and make them aware that its future is in their hands. And that is why having people like Erin Schrode leading the charge is so important.

Touted as “the face of the new green generation”, Erin has been instrumental in educating individuals, schools and communities about conscious living through her organization Teens Turning Green, which was founded in 2005.

Over the years, she has appeared as an expert for numerous media outlets such as CNN, The New York Times, Vanity Fair, National Geographic, NBC, and BBC. CNN profiled Erin as a Green Pioneer, calling her one of six “leading lights in the environmental movement”, while Participant Media named her one of ten Inspiring Climate Leaders alongside Al Gore, Bill McKibben, and global luminaries.

In additional to her many accolades, Erin founded and launched The Schoolbag, a youth education project to provide tools and materials for students in need, as well as to initiate active citizenry and environmental stewardship. The program has reached over 30,000 students in Haiti, in addition to deliveries in East Timor and South Africa.

I recently caught up with this New York University graduate, and we talked about all things juice.

Why do you juice? 

Juicing is my lifeline. It reinvigorates every ounce of my being. For me, juicing is not only about the plethora of health benefits that come with each sip, but I also revel in the way that fresh pressed juice makes me feel more alive.

I notice a palpable difference in both my physical energy and mental clarity. Fresh pressed organic juice is my remedy of choice.

Tell me about your juicing lifestyle?

My mother raised me on smoothies and fresh citrus juices. We made them at home every single morning without fail, and she would always “sneak” in kale and other greens into our crazy concoctions. As a result, I developed a taste for them early in life.

We never had a juicer (causing us to burn out many a blender blade!), but went daily to the local organic health food store, where a woman named Blessing (who is the force behind the Alive and Radiant Foods kale chips) made me the most delightful and nourishing juices. I was hooked from a young age. My mom and I did our first juice cleanse when I was a teen. Once I moved to New York in the middle of high school, I was absolutely hooked.

Do you have a juicing habit that no one knows about?

I plan my meetings around juice spots. I split my time between New York and California, where the number of pressed organic juice bars in San Francisco, LA, and NYC is very impressive. I will often do back-to-back juice bar meet-ups and sometimes even go to the same juice bar multiple times a day.

What is one of your favorite pressed organic juices?


A brand new juice just hit the market… and it may be the best organic, cold-pressed, bottled beverage to date. I’m serious.

Suja Juice launched Suja Elements – and the Green Charge is a perfect blend of kiwi , kale, chia, spiraling, alfalfa, pineapple, flax, the list goes on. Go to Whole Foods Market and try that flavor – you will thank me.

And not only does the bottle boast the USDA certified organic seal, Non-GMO Project verification, and Carbon Free stamp, but it has the Teens Turning Green logo and a paragraph about our organization! I am so honored and excited that TTG is linked to this stellar, healthy, insanely delicious juice.

I nearly died when I saw it in the stores and took my first sip of heaven. It sounds like I am exaggerating… but I’m really not.

How has your juicing evolved over the years?

I have started tracking what I put into juices I make at home. I used to just throw in a random assortment of vegetables and therefore had no idea what made it taste good or not-so-good, as it sometimes turned out. This went on for years, until I finally started either following juice recipes or writing down my own.

It is not just about what goes into a juice, but the precise ratios and quality of the produce. Meredith Baird’s book Everyday Raw Detox has some of my favorite recipes. This summer, I created my own delicious juice from the produce in my garden:

  • 1 bunch of kale
  • 1 cucumber
  • 1 handful cilantro
  • 1 apple
  • 1 lemon

What kind of juicer do you have at home and how often do you make it?

A very basic Breville. It is very easy to clean, which is critical when you are pressed for time. I dream of having a big fancy juicer one day.

What are your best tips for staying healthy when traveling?

I am perpetually on the go, and spend far more time away from home than in my own bed. My number one tip is to drink water! Staying hydrated is absolutely crucial. I also travel with my own snacks and a digestive enzyme – you never know where you will end up and what food will be available.

The first place I go, when I get to a new city is an organic café, market, restaurant, or juice bar – without fail. It is a quest and always leads to an unexpected treasure. I get to stock up on what I need, discover new products and brands, and also learn the lay of the land from the like-minded people. Among the best was a solo adventure to Sofia, Bulgaria – where the organic, raw and vegan food scene is unbelievable! World class cuisine and some of the best fresh pressed organic juice I have ever tried!

Thanks for sharing your juice tips, recipes and healthy travel ideas with us Erin! Be sure to check out Erin at and also her Teens Turning Green organization.

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