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Suja Continues its Dominance — Named as Fastest-Growing Food & Beverage Company in Inc Magazine’s Top 5000

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Having observed the pressed organic juice industry for more than six years, I continue to be amazed by San Diego-based Suja Juice.

Not only was Suja named by Forbes to the Most Promising Companies list two years in a row (#2 and #3), but now Suja has earned the top spot as the fastest growing, private food and beverage company in the U.S. on the Inc 5000 list. Over a three-year period, it has racked up growth of 10,511% and took the #13 overall spot on the Inc 5000.

What makes it even more impressive is how Suja has been able to achieve this feat.

While many companies in Suja’s situation would have normally suffered a deterioration in quality as they experienced such rapid growth, the opposite has happened here. Suja’s products are better than ever (my new obsession is Lavenade), and its commitment to organic and Non-GMO has not been sacrificed in the slightest.

Furthermore, flying in the face of the perception that healthy, cold-pressed juice is only for wealthy, Suja has made unprecedented progress in “democratizing” juice by making it affordable to everyone. It is the first company to sell pressed organic juice for under $4.

Awards and accolades from magazines are certainly nice, but to me, this is Suja’s greatest accomplishment: giving all people a healthy, organic alternative to soda at a very reasonable price.

Without question, Suja’s success is due to the collective efforts of every single employee, from the juice production line to the corporate office. Yet, I want to give a special shout-out to CEO and Co-Founder Jeff Church.

To do what Suja has done requires a truly special leader, and Jeff Church is that. In an extremely competitive business, he has stood above the rest by displaying an incredible ability to drive excellence in all areas of the company and doing so with real integrity.

And on a very personal level, no one in the entire organic industry has been more supportive of me and my endeavors than Jeff. Whether it has been for GMO-labeling initiatives or for one of my websites, he has been there for me without fail, and I am beyond grateful for his unrelenting generosity.

Congrats, Suja, you guys rock!

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