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Are Detox Baths the Next Big Thing at Juice Bars?


When you hear the word “detox”, it’s very likely that a juice cleanse comes to mind.

But entrepreneur Shannon Vaughn is aiming to expand this concept of detox to include baths. Yes, baths, like the kind you soak in.

As the founder of Pursoma, a New York City-based wellness company that sells bath soaks and detox products, Shannon has an acute understanding of how to best extract toxins accumulated from heavy metals and damage — from right in your tub.

And pressed organic juice bars, always seeking the most cutting edge products when it comes to health, have already jumped on board.

Currently sold at popular spots like Juice Served Here and Renew Juicery in Los Angeles, LuliTonix in NYC, Puree Juice Bar in Maryland, and Healthy Being Juicery in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, these baths are gaining real traction among juicing aficionados.

“We’ve been selling Pursoma since we opened our juicery and cafe in December 2013. The baths are the perfect complement to our beautiful space, our values, and our detox and rejuvenation programs. They’re exactly what our health savvy customer is looking for,” says Jessica Marlo, Founder of Healthy Being Juicery.

Shannon discovered the power of detoxification through the skin – our largest and most permeable organ – after being diagnosed with ovarian cysts, which were a result of many years of heavy travel, stress and radiation damage. Looking to avoid surgery and toxic medications, she took a holistic approach to treatment that involved detox baths.

While the baths were therapeutic, they were also difficult to formulate. Following her recovery, Shannon worked closely with a nutritionist and biochemist to make these potent baths available to the public.

Having juice bars carry these detox products could give them an important seal of approval, largely because these places are so influential in shaping and dictating health trends.

According to Hannah Ells, Marketing Manager at Juice Served Here, “Our customers trust in our juices for resetting the metabolism and cleansing the gut. So, when we choose to carry a detox product on our shelves, they understand that we’re vouching for the integrity of that product.”

This kind of validation explains why Pursoma has been widely embraced at juice bars. Not only is it a high quality product that is extremely effective, but it also a natural and important extension to the already popular juice detox programs.

It may only be a matter of time before Pursoma detox baths become staples at pressed organic juice bars throughout the country, alongside acai bowls and cacao smoothies.

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