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How Project Juice’s New Test Kitchen Engages Customers in Product Development


Project Juice, one of California’s top pressed organic juice bars, just opened its sixth store in the San Francsico Area.

Yet, the concept at this Hayes Valley location is quite unique. It is called the Project Juice Test Kitchen, which gives customers a first taste of new items before they are rolled out to other locations.

While Project Juice has long offered a handful of food items, some new categories on the menu at the Test Kitchen include superfood bowls, breakfast bowls, and cold drinks on tap, in addition to their signature organic cold-pressed juices, superfood smoothies, and grab-and-go-foods.

Many new products will come via collaborations with local artisans, including gluten-free baked goods from Jane, tea from Samovar, and coffee from Sightglass. Soups and hot “elixirs,” like the “flu shot,” made with strong ginger, cayenne, lemon and orange juice, as well as a hot matcha latte with cashew milk, are also on the menu for comfort during colder months.

“We were looking for a single place to test out new menu items and products with customers before pushing them out to our stores,” said Project Juice co-founder Greg Malsin. “A healthy lifestyle requires more than just juice, and the Test Kitchen represents our commitment to providing that sustenance and our continued goal of pushing the envelope and evolving beyond juice.”

What is particularly notable about Project Juice’s Test Kitchen is that customer feedback will play an essential role in the rollout of new food items to other locations, something that rarely, if ever, takes place at other pressed juice bars.

According to Greg Malsin, the response from the Test Kitchen has been extremely positive and early favorites are the acai bowls, the almond milk oatmeal, and the hot “Recover” elixir with echinacea, reishi, lemon, ginger and cayenne.

The Test Kitchen is just another exciting recent development for the company. Earlier this year, it decided to merge with Ritual Wellness, a pressed organic juice brand in Southern California, thereby giving Project Juice an immediate presence in the major juicing markets in California.

Without question, Project Juice is making a lot of smart moves and from 3,000 miles away in New York City, I am extremely impressed.

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