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Pressed Organic Juice Trends for 2016


With an ever-evolving and fast-growing juice industry, I was curious to get an inside look at where this sector is heading.

So, I asked several founders of juice companies from around the world to give me their top trend for the pressed organic juice industry in 2016, and here is what they had to say.

Jeff Church, Co-Founder and CEO of Suja Juice in San Diego, CA – My top juice trend for 2016 is the union of cold-pressed organic juices with functional ingredients. As people integrate green juices into their day-to-day health routine more regularly, we see them looking to supplement their diet with juices that help boost specific nutritional needs.

Onur Ozkoc, Co-Founder of Cocobeet in Boston, MA – Juice bar consumers are increasingly seeking products that are both made from scratch and made on-site. This will only continue in 2016.

Shauna Martin, Founder and CEO of Daily Greens in Austin, TX – There is a definite trend away from high fruit content cold-pressed juices and a movement toward low/no fruit cold-pressed green juices. Many people I’ve spoken to credit the documentary Fed Up as one of the reasons they are trying to eat less sugar.

Matthew Sherman, Founder and CEO of JugoFresh in Miami, FL – You are going to see a significant increase in requests from consumers for more transparency into the process from cold-pressed juice vendors. I think the juice consumer is going to become more savvy about process, ingredients, and integrity.

Greg Malsin, Co-Founder of Project Juice in San Francisco, CA – My top pressed organic juice trend for 2016 is probiotics. On the consumer front, the customer is definitely becoming more in touch with gut health and digestion. From the perspective of the juice company itself, we’re seeing the use of probiotics as a way to combat potentially harmful bacteria in juice.

Alexandra Maw, Co-Founder of Kaleidoscope Juice in Phoenix, AZ – I definitely see nourishing warm broths as the latest and greatest trend in the cold-pressed organic juice and high vibe health scene.

Lisa Odenweller, Founder of Beaming in San Diego, CA – I believe the trend in juicing is towards asking more questions about what’s in our juice and focusing more on greens and less on fruit sugar. People are starting to realize that organic matters, especially when it comes to juice, and are now seeking options that are local, seasonal and freshly pressed.

Kelly Boyer, Founder of Paleta in Los Angeles, CA – Consumers are going to focus more than ever on functional ingredients. The shift in this trend is that we have evolved to wanting more purposeful foods and beverages targeted specifically to positively alter our moods and enhance our cognition.

Karolyn Fox, Co-Founder of My Organic Juice in Boca Raton, FL – What I am seeing is that more and more consumers are turning to hardcore juices that have no fruit (sugar).

Amanda Chantal Bacon, Founder of Moon Juice in Los Angeles, CA – I’m loving the emerging trend of zero glycemic sweetness created by organic stevia. I’ve been practicing this for years and it’s changed my life!

Bianca Laufer, Co-Founder of Greenpeople in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – The trend here will be to use more local fruits and berries that are unique to Brazil, such as juçai, jabuticaba, and special kinds of pineapple and mango.

Jacqueline Pfeffer, Founder of JuiceBuzz in Delray Beach, FL – A new trend is offering juice cleanses that include 1-2 raw vegan, small healthy meals, with the intention of starting the customer off with clean eating.

Kara Rosen, Founder of Plenish in London, England – Consumers are and will continue to look for more ‘hardcore’ green juices that have very little or no fruit in them. People have gotten very savvy about choosing juices, looking for not only organic, but now low sugar, too.

Hillary Lewis, Founder and CEO of Lumi Juice in Charlottesville, VA – I think the top pressed organic juice trend will continue to be turmeric. As more research is published on the benefits of turmeric, more people keep requesting new and exciting ways to get it into their diets.

Jeffrey Pandolfino, Co-Founder of Green & Tonic in Greenwich, CT – We feel the shift away from “juice only” cleansing will continue in 2016 with consumers looking for more sustainable program options that combine cold-pressed organic juices with raw & vegan foods and soups to create a better cleansing experience.

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