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Pressed Organic Juice Isn’t Just for Cleanses – It’s for Cocktails as Well


It has been more than 14 years since I have had a drink but even during my drinking days in the 90s, I was still consuming green juice and wheatgrass.

But that doesn’t mean that I was all about health, especially when I went out at night.  Quite often, it meant Jack Daniels and Coke. Yes, Coca-Cola.

For drinkers today, however, things are changing. With the explosion of pressed organic juice bars, the available of this beverage is becoming available at non-traditional venues. Yoga and pilates studios and gyms were always natural outlets but now pressed organic juice is making headway into nightclubs, bars, and restaurants.

In The New York Times this week, an article discussed this growing trend and how health conscious people, many of whom opt for high quality, organic juice during the days, want to have premium juice as a mixer when they go out at night.

I don’t believe that this is so much about getting healthy when drinking vodka but rather about avoiding pesticide-sprayed juice that comes in a can.

The fact that we are seeing bars, restaurants, and clubs embracing pressed organic is of absolutely no surprise to me at all.

And it really means just one thing – the demand for pressed organic juice won’t be slowing down anytime soon, especially if it continues to make its way into people’s lives after dark.

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