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Mendez Fuel in Miami is Setting a New Trend in the Pressed Organic Juice World


As cold-pressed juice has caught on with everyone from celebrities to fitness gurus, we’ve started to see it pop up in restaurants, bars, and nightclubs around the country.

However, we never could have predicted the next place that it would make an appearance: gas stations.

Michael Mendez, owner of the Mendez Fuel chain of gas stations in Miami, decided to sell pressed juice at one of his four Miami locations when he saw that it was becoming the hot new trend of 2014 (and now 2015.)

“I saw an opportunity to create something different and offer a product that people really wanted,” he explained.

Mendez’s gas stations already offered a range of unconventional products before he and his brother Andrew, who manages the stations, decided to sell cold-pressed juices under the brand name Fuel Juice Miami.

In addition to serving Vietnamese sandwiches and coconut milk smoothies, Mendez’s stations featured craft beer and growler-filling stations. From this crowded field of contenders, the cold-pressed juices have actually grown to be one of Mendez Fuel’s most popular items.

“The juices have just been flying off the shelves,” adds Michael Mendez. “People really love them.”

Mendez, who worked with a nutritionist to create his recipes, credits a kale/parsley/spirulina mix and an apple/orange/dandelion/chlorophyll mix to be among his top sellers. He also has many customers who are interested in pursuing juice cleanses using his products.

It isn’t that surprising that Mendez’s juices have sold so well. The idea of buying a healthy juice concoction along with your gas may sound strange at first, but it actually makes perfect sense and is very forward-thinking on Mendez’s part.

“I think the future of gas stations is for them to sell a wide range of food and juices like this,” says Michael Mendez, whose stations are already becoming go-to lunch spots for Miami residents. “Soon, we’re going to start selling our juices in glass bottles.”

Considering the success of Mendez Fuel’s juices, it is just a matter of time before other gas stations begin to sell pressed organic juice next to 6-packs of Budweiser and boxes of beef jerky.

After all, this is what consumers want.


Fuel Juice Miami is available at the Mendez Fuel location at 3201 Coral Way in Miami, Florida.

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