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Juice Press becomes the Official Cold-Pressed Juice of the U.S. Open, Launches New Smoothie


We have just hit a serious inflection point when it comes to healthy living reaching a mainstream audience.

NYC-based Juice Press has signed a multi-year partnership with the United States Tennis Association (USTA) to become the official cold pressed juice of the U.S. Open, the world’s highest attended annual sporting event and the only US-based Grand Slam tennis event.

Needless to say, this is a monumental announcement, not only for those individuals who love juice and lead a healthy lifestyle, but for the USTA as well. This is the first time that the U.S. Open has partnered with a brand in the pressed juice category.

Juice Press founder and CEO Marcus Antebi said of the partnership, “It’s hard to believe that in just five years Juice Press has gone from being open to the U.S. Open. We are thrilled that the USTA is expanding its commitment to providing a wider variety of healthy choices to the players and fans.”

On the U.S. Open grounds at Flushing Meadow, Juice Press is currently selling six of its USDA certified organic bottled juices and smoothies (Doctor Green, Love Me, Watermelon, Coco-V, Fountain of Youth, and Clean Green Protein) to attendees.

Additionally, Juice Press has the unique opportunity to serve juices directly to the world’s top tennis stars in the official U.S. Open player dining area. A Juice Press branded cooler is located on Arthur Ashe Stadium court as well.

This historic partnership not only raises the profile of both Juice Press and the entire pressed organic juice industry, but I believe that it will pave the way for and encourage other major sporting leagues, events, and venues to offer pressed organic juice to their fans as well.

This is an absolutely phenomenal development, and huge kudos goes to both Juice Press and the USTA for making it happen.

In conjunction with this partnership and a desire to showcase support for tennis, Juice Press has also rolled out a special smoothie called #jp40love with U.S. Olympian Tim Morehouse (pictured above, on the right) and sportscaster Julie Alexandria, both big tennis fans.

#jp40love is made solely of USDA certified organic ingredients: homemade almond milk, blueberry, banana, almond butter, date, brown rice protein, cacao and cinnamon. The blend includes blueberries, often known as brain food, an important ingredient for tennis and fencing — two sports that require both mental and physical strategy.

Forty percent of all proceeds from sales of #jp40love from August 31st through September 14th will benefit Fencing In the Schools, Morehouse’s charity that provides fencing-based physical education and after-school programs to underserved communities around the country.

“I’m so excited to team up with Juice Press,” said Morehouse, a decorated American fencer and Olympic Silver Medalist. “As an athlete, I know the importance of healthy eating, and juices have always been a part of my training regimen for sport and life. I am so grateful that the proceeds from the sale of #jp40love are going to support my foundation, which brings programs to students in low-income schools.”

Not only does #jp40love taste great – I’m a huge fan of blueberries – but I love the fact that I know that nearly half of the dollars spent on this smoothie go directly to help kids learn the sport of fencing.

Visitors to Juice Press who order the smoothie, and Juice Press loyalists who are fans of tennis, are encouraged to post pictures between August 31st and September 14th with the hashtag #jp40love and tag @juicepress.

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