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Drinking Juice with Jordan Younger, Author and Founder of TBV Apparel

Jordan Younger is one of those people that finds success wherever she goes.

She first made a name for herself on Instagram, where she has amassed a legion of loyal fans which now totals 125,000 followers. Her app, The Balanced Blonde, has been incredibly well-received, and flocks of women can be seen wearing her inspirational and clever TBV clothing line all over social media.

And just recently, Jordan Younger launched her first book, Breaking Vegan: One Woman’s Journey from Veganism, Extreme Dieting, and Orthorexia to a More Balanced Life, which is probably her best piece of work yet. It is a very honest and vulnerable look at her struggles with a serious eating disorder.

I caught up with my friend recently and she gave me an inside look at her now well-balanced lifestyle.

EAT: My favorite meal is sushi, and I usually start my day with some variation of a green smoothie with plant-based protein. I’m a big fan of Philosophie’s cacao magic superfood powder, all sorts of nut butters, and kale/veggies from the Brentwood farmer’s market.  I am also a Whole Foods Market junkie.

DRINK: Lemon Love from Suja, almond milk from Renew Juicery in LA, and any green smoothie from Beaming, Earth Bar or Juice Crafters in LA, cold-brew coffee from Alfred Coffee, and lots and lots of water with healthy hydration supplement Liquid IV! I am a hydration freak.

SWEAT: Right now, I am training for the Los Angeles Marathon on the NutriBullet training team, so I am doing a lot of running these days. I will always love yoga – usually practice at YogaWorks – and I also go to OrangeTheory Fitness in Brentwood religiously!

READ: I love to read and have been especially into memoirs lately including Andie Mitchell’s It Was Me All Along and Anthony Kiedis’s memoir Scar Tissue. Gary Vaynerchuk’s Jab, Jab, Jab, Hook is so interesting, and I’m about to start Leah Remini’s new book. I love The New Yorker, and my favorite blogs are (Annie Lawless!) and

LISTEN: John Mayer, Mumford & Sons, Jack Johnson, Cold War Kids, Florence & the Machine, Maroon5, Cat Stevens and the Beatles. Also, I am a diehard Eminem fan.

WATCH: I don’t watch a lot of TV or movies, but I absolutely loved Breaking Bad when it was on, and I am a big fan of Orange is the New Black. Remember the Titans is my favorite movie, and I can’t watch The Notebook without crying.

PLACES: Florence, Italy. I lived there for a semester in college and absolutely fell in love with the Italian countryside. I also like Maui a lot, and it’s pretty much a second home to me.

RITUALS: Warm water with lemon in the morning, strolling to my favorite coffee shop in my neighborhood, snuggling with my kitten in the mornings, some form of stretching and/or yoga, and writing when the inspiration strikes!

DREAMS: My dream is to get on the NYT bestseller list, and write lots and lots more books! I also want to grow TBV Apparel and continue connecting with my lovely audience on the blog. Oh, and I want to go to Thailand and Bali in the not so distant future.

WHAT MOST PEOPLE DON’T KNOW ABOUT ME: I became an aunt when I was 6 years old! My nephew and nieces are a huge part of my life. Funny enough, I’m not THAT much older than them!

To learn more about Jordan Younger and the very cool things that she is up to, check out The Balanced Blonde blog, her Instagram page and her YouTube channel.

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