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Drinking Juice with Maria Marlowe, Health Coach and Author of The Real Food Grocery Guide


When people start to make the switch to eating healthy, it can be an overwhelming transition.

There are so many foods to choose from, so many ingredients to watch out for, so many diets to follow, and so many options at the supermarket.

What people need is a clear, easy-to-follow guide that can teach them about specific foods and how to buy them.

That is precisely why The Real Food Grocery Guide by Maria Marlowe is so effective. Not only does it provide the most basic and fundamental information about food that everyone ought to know, but it also teaches people how to navigate the all-important supermarket.

Without question, The Real Food Grocery Guide is the manual that I wish I had in 2001 when eating organic, real food became a serious priority in my life. Maria Marlowe would have accelerated my learning to an incredible degree.

I recently caught up with my friend, and she shared with me her healthy lifestyle habits.

DRINK: I can usually be spotted ordering hot water with lemon, and I love to make my own teas from fresh herbs, like fresh thyme, rosemary, and ginger. In the summer, I do like a good green juice but don’t own a juicer, so I make my own in the Vitamix and strain it.

SWEAT: I love HIIT and usually do the Kayla Itsines BBG workout in my gym, but I also love a good Rumble class or a run in Central Park.

READ: I think A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson should be required reading for every human. I love to read New York Times and Well+Good articles online.

LISTEN: Beyoncé. I don’t watch TV, so I love listening to the Real Time with Bill Maher podcast every Saturday AM. I also love School of Greatness by Lewis Howes and Earn Your Happy by Lori Harder.

WATCH: My Netflix is queued for comedies, and I’ve already watched pretty much every food documentary. Every once in a while a drama. I love to go to Broadway shows or sometimes simply sit in Central Park and enjoy nature.

PLACES: Italy is the most magical country. I love Rome and Positano. I love LA and the incredible farmer’s markets there. The Oberoi in Agra, India, is absolutely gorgeous and was one of my favorite places to stay. Swimming in the cenotes (underground, natural swimming holes) of Mexico, or in the Mediterranean off the coast of Italy or France are some of my favorite travel memories. I, of course, love NY.

Swimming in the cenotes (underground, natural swimming holes) of Mexico or in the Mediterranean off the coast of Italy or France are some of my favorite travel memories. I, of course, love NY.

RITUALS: I have a daily gratitude practice, in which I think about all the things I am grateful for as soon as I wake up or before I go to bed.

In terms of working out, I try to do at least 30 minutes a day, even if it’s just walking. Although, there are of course days this doesn’t happen.

Plus, hot water with lemon and herbs, or matcha tea in the morning.

DREAMS: I dream that everyone has access to the information about the life-changing magic of real food…and that real foods were more easily affordable and accessible. (How about we subsidize broccoli and cauliflower instead of corn and soy?) I’m also dreaming about moving to LA with my partner and having a big beautiful garden where we can grow our own organic fruits and veggies.

WHAT MOST PEOPLE DON’T KNOW ABOUT ME: Growing up, I thought I’d grow up to go on tour with a pop star as a backup dancer. I used to watch Michael Jackson, Backstreet Boys, and NSYNC videos on repeat and teach myself the dances.

To learn more about Maria and her meal plans & courses, be sure to visit and connect with her on Facebook and Instagram,

And, of course, be sure to order Maria Marlowe’s fantastic book The Real Food Grocery Guide.


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