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Very Smart Move – Cold Pressed Raw in Miami Rolls out Juice Vending Machines

How would you like to have pressed organic juice in your office? Not just delivered once a week or on special occasions but available 24/7, whenever you want it.

Well, for the lucky few who work at The Lab, a co-working facility located in Miami’s Wynwood arts district, this isn’t something they’re dreaming about. This is an amenity that they’re currently enjoying on a daily basis,

And each time a member of The Lab sips on a Mexi-Cayenne or a Zen-Ahoria, they’ll have one person to thank for this – Tatiana Peisach.

“I always wanted to have a vending machine,” acknowledged the innovative founder of Cold Pressed Raw. “But these machines are just not meant for this type of product.”

Filling a vending machine with pressed organic juice is much different and much more complex than stocking it with bags of potato chips or cans of soda.

That is why it took Cold Pressed Raw approximately one year of research and development in order to develop its state-of-the-art vending machine. Not only did it have to meet the company’s stringent refrigeration requirements, but Tatiana Peisach wanted to incorporate the latest technology, such as Apple Pay, real-time inventory and sales management, and remote temperature monitoring.

The machine only sells Cold Pressed Raw’s certified organic juices and no other company’s products. Additionally, the juices are all 12 ounce bottles, which range from $6-8, a price point more accessible than its standard 16 ounce bottles.

Needless to say, the response has been incredibly strong, from both members of The Lab and others who would like their own machine.

“There have been so many inquiries that we had to create a whole new page on our website,” said Tatiana Peisach.

While the company is uncertain as to where it will put its vending machines next, one thing is very clear.

In an increasingly crowded pressed organic juice market, rolling out this vending machine before its competition was a brilliant move. Cold Pressed Raw can now go where others cannot because it doesn’t need a full retail location, no employees are needed to sell juice throughout the day, and demand can be measured and met on a real-time basis.

For sure, this vending machine will be a game-changer for the company. I’m very impressed.


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