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Boston’s Cocobeet Expands to Wellesley.…….and to Indonesia


If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I am Boston very often.

And when I am in Boston, I always make a visit to Cocobeet, which I believe to be the city’s best pressed organic juice bar.

With its flagship location in downtown Boston in operation for a few years now, co-owners Kyle Rusconi and Onur Ozkoc recently opened their second store 25 minutes outside of the city, in the suburb of Wellesley.

Given that that Wellesley had a dearth of organic juice options but very favorable demographics and a large student population, including nearby Wellesley College and Babson College, launching a new Cocobeet in this town made a lot of sense.

“We had been looking for a new location for almost the past two years, and Wellesley was always at the top of our list. People there understand the value of organic versus conventional and are looking for high quality, non-HPP, organic juice,” said Onur Ozkoc.

With a captive and underserved consumer base in Wellesley, making the decision to open in this town has proven to be a smart move.

“So far, it is going very well, and we are extremely happy to be there. The other thing that has helped is that we have many customers who work in Boston but live in Wellesley or the surrounding area.”

Opening additional locations in Boston and the suburbs had always been part of the plan, yet expanding to Indonesia was something that the two founders never imagined would happen.

However, when an Indonesian businessman became a frequent customer of the downtown location, many months of discussions resulted in him signing an agreement to open up Cocobeet juice bars in his native country.

“For us, it is about finding partners who share the same values that we do and believe in the mission. It’s not just about the money,” said Onur Ozkoc.

The first official Cocobeet in Jakarta will commence operations in the next few weeks, with the ultimate goal of having locations throughout the entire country.

While the menu in Indonesia will be very similar to the Boston one, some changes have been made in order to accommodate local taste preferences and supply issues.

“Dragonfruit, pineapples and cashews are grown in great quantity there, while things like kale must be imported. We are working with our partner to come up with recipes that customers will like while staying as close as possible to the original Cocobeet formulations,” acknowledged Onur Ozkoc.

Even though the company has its hands full at the moment with Indonesia, Cocobeet is currently exploring opportunities in China, Singapore and Europe.

I can’t tell you how great it is to see a pressed organic juice brand from Boston — my hometown — being exported to other parts of the world.

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