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Bellagio in Las Vegas Rolls Out its Own Line of USDA Certified Organic Pressed Juice


Along with its top-notch dining and entertainment, the world famous Bellagio Resort & Casino in Las Vegas is widely known for its impeccable European-style property overlooking a Mediterranean blue lake.

Now, the hotel has something else to add to its impressive resumé.

The Bellagio recently launched its own cold-pressed juice line that is USDA certified organic — the first hotel in the country to do so.

“USDA certified organic is a global statement that elevates our commitment to organic agriculture,” says Executive Chef Edmund Wong. “We wanted to be USDA certified organic because it sets us apart, and we are passionate about offering the best products.”

While some hotels are known to sell juice from outside vendors, the Bellagio doesn’t operate this way. It prides itself on going above and beyond custom practices, and the hotel produces its juice entirely in-house by chef Wong and his culinary team.

Chef Wong understands that his guests are “more health conscious and seek healthier options,” and while the Bellagio doesn’t currently have a stand-alone organic restaurant, the pressed organic juices are readily available throughout the property. They can be found at the Jean Philippe Patisserie, Spa Bellagio, Palio, Palio Pronto, Café Bellagio and Café Gelato.

Guests have the option of choosing between three different flavors: Balance (kale, cucumber, green apple, celery, lemon and ginger root); Energy (beet, orange, kale and cucumber); and Metabolize (carrot, orange and ginger root). All are sold for $12 each.

So, how is Sin City reacting to this ultra-healthy alternative offered at one of the most iconic hotels in the area?

Chef Wong says that the sales numbers are “beyond expectations.”

This product’s success is just more proof that people everywhere, even if they’re visiting the gambling mecca of the world, have a strong desire for healthy living.


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