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An American Takes on the London Juice Scene with Plenish Cleanse


Starting a pressed organic juice business is hard enough but to do it in a foreign country has to be a serious challenge.

Yet, when Kara Rosen moved to London and couldn’t find green juice options that met her liking, this New Yorker took matters into her own hands and decided that she needed to set up Plenish Cleanse, even if it was in a place far from home.

Like many of us, Kara Rosen came into this business because she experienced first-hand the tremendous healing power of organic food. Unable to kick a case of strep throat for more than two years, she saw a naturopath in California who advised her to give up antibiotics and to start a pressed juice cleanse. It was only a matter of time before she was completely healed.

Once back in New York, she got really serious about continuing to juice and realized that she had the absolute gold standard of juicers sitting on her kitchen counter.

After college, her aunt gave her a Norwalk juicer but she rarely used it. “Everyone was always laughing at me because I had this tiny apartment yet had a giant piece of equipment in my kitchen. People thought it was a sewing machine,” said Kara Rosen.

With a Norwalk at her disposal in London and a desire for the pressed organic juices that she could easily get in NYC, this 12-year veteran of the publishing world decided to get into the juice game herself.

Exposure to the Manhattan juicing scene was a real advantage when she started Plenish in London because it gave her a good sense of what was already working. “I really liked the BluePrint model and had been drinking Organic Avenue ever since it was just a tiny store in the Lower East Side.”

With Plenish Cleanse, Kara Rosen introduced two new approaches that had not been previously utilized in the London pressed organic juice market.

First, she started selling single bottles at the retail level. For Americans, it is commonplace to walk into a deli or juice bar and buy a single bottle of pressed organic juice. Yet in London, this was just not available.

Plenish has since changed that. Through an arrangement with a major London retailer, Harvey Nichols, customers don’t have to pre-order an entire cleanse through Plenish but can simply just pick up one bottle at the spur of the moment.

Second, Kara Rosen has started an online health/wellness magazine on her site. With a background in the publishing business, she believes that this will eventually be spun off and operate as a standalone media property.

“There are a lot of talented and progressive voices in the wellness, health, and nutrition world in the UK, but nothing like Well+Good NYC or Mind Body Green exists here,” she said.

With innovative ideas and a market rapidly taking to pressed organic juice, Plenish is already experiencing tremendous success.

Yet, Kara Rosen’s biggest asset was having been blessed with such a super-cool aunt. If we all could be that lucky!

Some pictures of Plenish Cleanse in action during London Fashion Week.


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