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Organic Avenue’s New Astor Place Location in NYC is Gorgeous


Organic Avenue, one of the premier pressed organic juice companies in the country, just opened the doors to its new Astor Place location in downtown NYC. And it is simply gorgeous.

With nine other Organic Avenue stores dispersed throughout Manhattan, this is the company’s first foray into the East Village, a neighborhood that has traditionally carried a reputation for its grit. Ironically, however, this location is more refined and sleek than all of the rest.

The interior has a very modern yet soothing feel to it. The layout is extremely spacious and provides tables to sit down and enjoy a pressed organic juice or salad. One really cool feature is the computer touch-screen to get information about organic cleanses.

Last fall, I interviewed the new controlling shareholder of Organic Avenue, Jonathan Grayer of the private equity firm Weld North, and it was clear that changes were coming.

Just the other day, Martin Bates, formerly of Pret a Manger, was named as the company’s CEO. New salads and quinoa bowls have been introduced, all of which are fantastic. And the beautiful decor at the Astor Place store is just more evidence that Jonathan Grayer’s imprint has taken hold.

As Organic Avenue navigates its way through the next stage of growth, it is more than obvious that a very impressive foundation is being built and the future looks exceedingly bright.


If you happen to be in the East Village in downtown NYC, check out Organic Avenue’s Astor Place location on 3rd Avenue and 9th Street.

The spring cleanse being offered right now is one day for $55. Contact Organic Avenue for more details.

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