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Florida’s OnJuice Aims to Become a National Health and Wellness Lifestyle Brand


OnJuice may not exactly be a household name to most of the country but give it time.

And its ambitions extend much further than becoming just a big juice business. As Candy Tree, the company’s Chief Marketing Officer, told me, it wants to evolve into a “comprehensive health and wellness lifestyle brand.”

There are a few main reasons why I believe that OnJuice has a very good shot of accomplishing this goal.

First, OnJuice seems to have figured out the food side of the business, with its sister company Deliver Lean.

Started in September 2011, Deliver Lean offers six separate healthy meal plans (organic protein plan, paleo, gluten-free, traditional, vegetarian, HCG – an organic raw vegan one is in development) via home delivery, and the cost of each meal ranges from $7 to $12.

Right now, the South Florida-based company is delivering an impressive 80,000 meals per month.

Second, it is executing really well on the juice side of things. OnJuice, which only launched in January of this year, is already selling a whopping 30,000 bottles per month to customers locally and throughout the country. This is with no retail location, no marketing push, and no online shopping cart.

Lastly, I love OnJuice’s strategy, which is different than any other juice company that I have come across.


Founders Scott Harris and Olga Kuzenkov have no intention of building stand-alone retail stores, in the same way that Organic Avenue or Juice Press has done, nor do they wish to follow the distribution model of BluePrint or Suja, which mainly relies on selling through traditional retail outlets such as Whole Foods or natural/organic supermarkets.

Instead, the company wants to pursue partnerships with high-end, national hotel and spa chains as its main source of distribution.

What makes so much sense about this is that it is not just a one-time sale, for when clients are at these hotels or spas. Due to OnJuice’s nationwide delivery capabilities of food and juice, this is a relationship, or program, that can flourish long after a person has left these venues.

Additionally, the company aims to set up a select number of “Nespresso-style” retail locations which will all be about education and creating an experience, rather than merely being a place to sell bottles of juice. For example, there will be a stage where they’ll be teaching people about juicing and nutrition, and a dedicated space to sell the top juicers in the market.

With a full commercial kitchen and operating team expected to be in place by early 2014 in NYC and expansion to other major cities soon thereafter, OnJuice is doing all the right things to become a real player in the national wellness scene. This company is one to watch.

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