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Magic Mix Juicery is Getting Wall Street Healthy


Right after college in the early 1990s, I went to work on Wall Street as an investment banker. My office was in downtown Manhattan, near South Street Seaport, where there was an absolute dearth of healthy eating options. (And by healthy, I mean organic.)

Even though this was a long time ago, I often give thought as to what I would do if I still worked in that part of New York City, given that I now eat close to 100% organic.

The answer is simple – I would be living at Magic Mix Juicery.

For Jil Larsen, Founder of Magic Mix Juicery, setting up in this part of town, where juicing heavyweights such as Organic Avenue and Juice Press have no retail presence, didn’t take a lot of convincing.

“I live down here myself and felt that it was really lacking in health-conscious options. Plus, with the Freedom Tower opening in 2014 and Fulton Street expected to get a huge makeover, this area is really getting rebuilt. I think that this is the next Meatpacking District.”



Yet, her decision to open up a pressed organic juice bar was not solely motivated by an opportunity in the marketplace. Rather, it was her first-hand experience in witnessing how organic juicing could completely transform a person’s life.

Diagnosed with a skin condition called melasma, which left her skin discolored, Jil Larsen refused to accept chemical creams and avoiding sunshine as treatment. Instead, she took matters into her own hands and revamped her entire lifestyle.

Ultimately, this meant a complete a detoxification program, a switch to a plant-based diet, and the purchase of a Norwalk juicer, which would give her the most superior pressed organic juice available.

“I wanted to detox my body, and the first time that I really felt a change was after a 21-day juice cleanse,” said Jil Larson.

Within three months, she had become a different person, both emotionally and physically. The melasma started to dissipate, the whites of her eyes became more clear, and her stamina, sleep, and mood improved exponentially.

Even though Jil had experienced a dramatic improvement in her health, preparing these organic foods and juices required a tremendous amount of dedication and preparation. Realizing that very few people had the time to do this themselves and wanting to make a positive impact on others, she knew that Magic Mix Juicery was something that needed to be created.

Aside from offering a complete line of fantastic pressed organic juices and smoothies, Magic Mix Juicery boasts an incredibly impressive array of salads, protein cereals, breads, and superfood desserts. Chef Lawrence Todd is someone that I have been following for several years and is as talented as anyone in the country when it comes to raw food. The guy is a total rock star.

For the Wall Street professionals and downtown residents who are serious about making improvements to their health, these individuals should be extremely grateful that Magic Mix Juicery is there to take care of them.

And as Jil Larsen explained, “it is not about being extreme, such as doing a 21-day juice cleanse or going 100% raw vegan, but making food and juice fit your lifestyle. The intention is to feel good, so whatever makes you feel good is the main goal.”

I couldn’t agree with her more.


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