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Drinking Juice with Robyn Youkilis, Founder of Your Healthiest You and Gut Health Expert

While many doctors are talking about the importance of gut health, few of them present this important material in a relatable manner.

That is precisely why the work of Robyn Youkilis, a holistic health coach and founder of Your Healthiest You, is so important.

In her down-to-earth and enthusiastic approach, Robyn is able to convey critical health information in an incredibly accessible way. As a result, her message has a tremendous impact and her clients all over the world are able to experience profound changes.

In her fantastic new book Go With Your Gut, Robyn not only addresses what to eat in order to achieve optimal health but also how to eat, an area that largely gets overlooked by nearly every single medical professional.

I recently caught up with my good friend and TV host, and she gave me an inside look at her lifestyle habits.

EAT: Sauerkraut, tempeh and greens, and fancy cheese and olives are always in heavy rotation. Favorite restaurants include Souen, Hu Kitchen, Westville, Siggy’s, and Northern Spy Co.

DRINK: I’m all about kombucha, jun (a cousin to kombucha), any blends from LuliTonix, and hot tea. I keep an amazing tea drawer stocked and love mixing and matching the varieties to come up with my own blends. And water, of course! From my giant 24 ounce glass Mason jars!

SWEAT: Every day is different, but on my weekly schedule is a session with my trainer Anja of BYOBFit, yoga at Yoga Vida NYC, SoulCycle with my beloved Eve Lynn Kessner, ballet at City Center with Zvi Gotheiner, a run outside, and balling and banding work from the Franklin Method.

READ: I’m always reading the latest and greatest in the wellness world, and I just finished Drew Barrymore’s book Wildflower and loved that, I really love all the books my friends and colleagues wrote, anything from Gabrielle Bernstein, JJ Virgin, Alex Jamieson, Vani Hari, Diane Sanfilippo. They are incredible people who do amazing work in this world.

LISTEN: Phish. 50-something shows later, I completely blame my husband for this one. I also love listening to chill music at home from Explosions in the Sky to My Morning Jacket and all the fun EDM dance music I discover at Coachella every year.

WATCH: TV is my total melt on the couch zone and I do watch a good amount. I also love Downton Abbey, Homeland, Shameless, and anything on Bravo. And you can’t go wrong with the Food Network and Cooking Channel EVER (what can I say? I’m a total foodie).

PLACES: Anywhere I’ve been lucky enough to travel with my husband Scott. Some of those trips include Bali, Turkey, Nicaragua, the South of France, Copenhagen and more. Every year we take a big trip and travel as much as we can. We also live in LA about 3-4 months out of the year, and I just eat up every moment we’re there.

RITUALS: I’m all about the juicy morning rituals: meditation, journaling, breathing, tea, exercise, and a homemade breakfast. They set me up to have the best day possible. I also do a lot of “brain balancing”, something I learned from Laura Hames Franklin. It allows your brain to communicate with itself (left and right cortices) and your body much better, it’s like a mini system reset and has so much power in such a small, little practice.

DREAMS: My dream is to bring my work with digestion and self-development to the world in a massive way, and to have FUN while doing it. Everyone deserves to feel amazing in their bodies, and it really can be so simple.

WHAT MOST PEOPLE DON’T KNOW ABOUT ME: I met my husband in NYC in a bar, after midnight, while both of us were living in LA but visiting New York (and multiple cocktails were involved). I’ve been in too many musicals to count, playing everyone from Annie to Mary Poppins to Peter Pan. I ran away to join the circus as an aerial artist and did exactly that in Florida as part of a production of Barnum. And, yes, I got to fly through the air with the greatest of ease, 8 shows a week.

Be sure to follow Robyn on Facebook and on Instagram, and definitely go buy her book. It’s fantastic!

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